Friday Random Ten - I’d Like to Think I’ll Be Returning When I Can

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1) Romeo and Juliet - The Killers
2) Your Time is Gonna Come - Led Zeppelin
3) Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend
4) Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Dead Kennedys
5) Ophelia (live - Last Waltz) - The Band
6) If God Will Send His Angels (Big Yam Mix) - U2
7) The Big Hand - The Cure
8) Listen To Me - Buddy Holly
9) Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues - Bob Dylan
10) Groovy Times - The Clash

Bonus: Sally MacLennane - The Pogues

Everytime I Tried to Tell You, the Words Just Came Out Wrong

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I’ve been “back” for a week now, and thus far I’m having trouble coming up with something to say. It seems like I had so much to report while I wasn’t blogging, but now that I’ve made the decision to come back, it’s all disappeared into the musty backlog of my brain.

So over the last few days, I’ve been re-reading a lot of my old posts. I had forgotten just how much I had written during my two years of active blogging. According to my stats, there are currently 600 posts (this will be 601) and 2,604 comments, contained within 40 categories. It’s kind of awesome, actually. And some of my posts were really quite good (if I do say so myself). It now makes me regret my silence all the more.

I guess it’s not so much an issue of having nothing to say as it is a problem of where to begin. You’ll have to bear with me as I try to find my “voice” again. I think it will come. I just have to be patient and persistent.

Of course, this may not be an issue, since I don’t think anyone besides Holz has figured out that I’m back yet!


I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back

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Dear Katie, please drop me a line,
just write, Love, to tell me you’re fine.

I’m not sure if anyone out there even cares about this little blog anymore, but enough people have encouraged me to come back that I thought I’d give it another go. There were countless times over the last year and a half where I thought “I would so like to blog about this.” I’d even start composing the post in my head. But it’s surprisingly hard to get back into things once you’ve let them go for so long.

There were a lot of factors that led to my sudden disappearance. One was that I was just spending way too much time online. I was getting a bit obsessive (as I often do with things), and I needed a clean break. Another is that I moved at work and no longer enjoyed the privacy I once enjoyed.

But the main reason is just that I was burnt out. I couldn’t make the words flow anymore. I felt like I had nothing interesting to say. And hey, maybe I didn’t. But I think I do now. SO much has happened during my blogging hiatus. I have so much catching up to do. I’ve got a million stories to tell. And there are a few rants in here somewhere, too. ;-)

I can’t promise daily or even weekly posts, but I’ll try to give you a reason to keep coming back. So what do you say? Can we be friends again?